Rx Networks Announces location.io HAAS Platform

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Rx Networks Announces location.io HAAS Platform

June 10, 2019

Rx Networks Inc., a leading mobile location technology and services company, today announced the addition of a precise correction service to location.io, a feature-rich, highly modular location platform.  By adding real time precise corrections, Rx Networks now provides a solution to fit every customer's need.

Precise satellite orbit and clock corrections will be available via Rx Networks' innovative High Accuracy Assistance Service (HAAS) platform, which supports mobile devices with either multi-band or single-band PPP-enabled receivers.  HAAS provides corrections for GPS and GLONASS (with additional constellations to be added in 2018), along with precise regional Ionospheric and Tropospheric data. High availability is assured with geographically redundant secure NTRIP casters.

"Our real-time precise data corrections enable dual-frequency receivers to achieve centimeter accuracy globally, for Precise Point Positioning (PPP)," said Vincent Chen, Product Manager at Rx Networks.  "Early HAAS testing with a standard Android smartphone running as a single-band receiver and standard smartphone antenna shows sub meter accuracy using HAAS orbits and clocks.  These results are exciting because they confirm the HAAS addition to location.io will provide an affordable alternative solution to traditional RTK positioning, bringing high accuracy to a whole new set of markets".

location.io includes technologies already in use by over 1 billion smartphones, laptops, and wearables worldwide.

All location.io services are delivered from Rx Networks' geo-redundant and cloud-based service delivery network, ensuring a 99.999% service level availability.

For more information, please contact sales@rxnetworks.com, visit the Rx Networks booth at ION GNSS+ 2018, or visit rxnetworks.com

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