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empowering location services

Are you looking to support telecom infrastructure, navigation or have a consumer device needing positioning then Location.io is for you. Location.io is a proven platform for real-time, corrected, and predicted GNSS assistance data. Our products and services are the bedrock for location-based technologies offered by many of the world’s leading chipset makers, hardware manufacturers, and mobile networks.

Location.IO - smartphone with 3D map

TruePoint.io GNSS Corrections

decimeter positioning for the mass market

Using new or existing precise GNSS technologies? Open new markets and gain an affordable and competitive advantage in precision GNSS delivery with the help of TruePoint.io. Backed by Rx Networks’ guaranteed infrastructure, TruePoint.io enables single-frequency devices to achieve half meter or better accuracy, and <20 cm with dual-frequency devices all using open standard formats and standard network infrastructure.

TruePoint.io GNSS - Man with technology

Boards + Modules

GNSS Precision Hardware is available through Rx Networks.
Board and Module
Board and Module

Custom Solutions


We offer custom solutions. Do you have a unique positioning need?  As true partners, our team of aerospace, telecommunications, and software engineers can be relied upon to design, implement, maintain and continuously update your unique location data pipeline so you can focus on meeting the needs of your organization and the customers you serve.

What is Assistance Data and why is it important?

See our simplified overview here.