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Precise Point Positioning

Body is a platform-independent, real-time global service that uses Precise Point Positioning (PPP) technology enabling mobile devices to achieve position accuracy within 20 cm — without the need to purchase base stations or the more expensive Network RTK solutions.

The PPP data service provides orbits and clocks corrections, plus a global model of ionospheric and tropospheric delays. has been developed to be ideally suited to deliver data in a cost effective way to consumer devices, smartphones, drones, robots and navigation systems. 

Depending on your use case, there are a variety of options to choose from:

  1. a client ideal for a handheld device that provides fast Time To First Fix (TTFF) with half meter or better accuracy, improving into < 20 cm for devices with dual band receivers and high quality antennas
  2. a data feed enabling < 20 cm accuracy for devices with dual band receiver chipsets
  3. low data bandwidth navigation devices with constrained data rates   

Your purchase options are based on your needs, can be purchased as a data feed with a full end to end software solution or as a PPP data service for GNSS location providers.

Precise Point Positioning with a Fast Time to First Fix

Productivity is money. helps save people money.  By offering a complete high-precision software solution with a proprietary position engine client optimized for smartphones and consumer devices, can provide horizontal position accuracy better than 50 cm within 10 seconds for mass-market devices using single frequency GNSS receivers.  This level of accuracy can get the users moving and working while the client works to improve the accuracy to PPP levels.  No more waiting around for a device to get a precise location.



Real-time Ionospheric + Tropospheric Corrections - satellite image

Real-time Ionospheric + Tropospheric Corrections


Based on precise measurements and observations from Rx Networks’ privately owned reference network and other third party partner reference networks, is able to create an incredibly accurate global ionospheric model in real time. This produces highly accurate regional corrections for improved position accuracy. The ionospheric corrections are delivered in standard industry formats; spherical harmonic coefficients and gridded formats.

Taking in data from 3rd party weather sources, our troposphere engine provides global tropospheric corrections. The data is delivered in a 11x11 km grid format covering 70 deg north to 70 deg south. Typically, troposphere corrections accuracy is better than 5cm.

Predicted Assistance Data satellite image

Predicted Assistance Data


For those who have limited connectivity, is also available in Predicted GNSS format. Using an extensive privately-owned reference network and additional data sources, Rx Networks uses best-in-class patented algorithms to calculate and deliver precise predicted orbits and clocks, plus substantially improve data integrity information—all delivered via a variety of interfaces.

Users can expect real-time orbits accurate to 5 cm [1D mean RMS], real-time clocks accurate to 15 cm standard deviation, and 24-hour orbit [1D mean RMS] predictions within 50 cm.

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No More Need for Additional Infrastructure

Body eliminates the need for deploying and maintaining RTK base stations to obtain sub-20-cm accuracy, and it also simplifies the integration of positioning solutions by providing:

  1. A complete end to end solution using Rx Networks’ partner chipsets integrated with optimized for target use cases.
  2. A complete high-precision software solution with a proprietary position engine client optimized for consumer devices to achieve 50 cm accuracy in <10 seconds.
  3. A high-availability data feed delivered in a variety of standard formats for easy use and transition to existing platforms.

Users can expect real-time orbit corrections accurate to5 cm [1D mean RMS], real-time clock corrections accurate to 15 cm (standard deviation), and 24-hour orbit predictions accurate to 50 cm [1D mean RMS].

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