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Real-Time GNSS Ephemeris GRN


While provides Real-TIme GNSS Ephemeris directly to client devices the Global Reference Network (GRN) Real-Time GNSS Ephemeris service is developed to provide an always available server-to-server data feed.  Mobile operators the world over rely on Rx Networks’ GRN solution to fuel their Assisted GNSS location platforms because our services have been designed with carrier-grade SLAs and are accessible globally from our geo-redundant data centers.

Global Reference Network

Our reference network consists vendor diverse reference stations deployed across the world, and monitors all GNSS satellites including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, NavIC and SBAS constellations. As it is the foundation for all our products, our reference network has been designed with highly redundant visibility of each satellite ensuring we can also provide highly reliable data based on our independent observations. 

For all our customers, the delivery of data is also critical.  Rx networks has geo-redundant physical data centres plus cloud data centers on three different continents.

Click here for an in-depth description of our global network.

Broad Industry Compatibility

We work closely with leading network infrastructure vendors and device OEMs to ensure full interoperability with their A-GNSS server platforms. Our Real-Time GNSS ephemeris and GRN services come in several out-of-the-box editions designed to support platforms such as Qualcomm QPoint, Ericsson, Nokia Solutions and Networks, TeleCommunications Systems, Polaris and our own full featured HTTP API. For legacy systems, assistance data is also available in industry standard RINEX file formats.
All our data can be requested as a complete package or as individual elements.  For each constellation we have the data to fit your specific needs.

Here is just an example of the data we can provide:

Example of Data Elements
  • Navigation Model
  • Ionospheric Model
  • Almanac
  • UTC Model
  • Reference Time
  • TOW Assist
  • Auxiliary Information
  • Real Time Integrity
  • Raw Data
  • Orbit and Clock Predictions

Please contact for a full list of data elements.

Backed by Carrier-Grade SLA

We designed our reference network with carrier grade resilience to provide 99.999% SLA so it can be relied upon for emergency services such as E911 and for every day and any type of Location-Based Services (LBS). Our reference sites, deployed in secure ISP facilities with redundant power and reliable connectivity, all tie into our geo-redundant data centers which are monitored 24×7 by our Operations team.

Next Generation Features

The real-time GNSS ephemeris service is not only the industry’s most compatible source of assistance data; it also forms the backbone for many of our new features and solutions including maneuver notices for all GNSS constellations, historical observation archives and advanced real-time integrity notices.

Custom Integrations


By building our solutions with redundancy, growth, modularity and reliability in mind, we can easily adapt our solution to any existing 3rd party interface, or alternatively provide our own full featured and easy to integrate API. 
For those who want to implement and provide their own A-GNSS solutions, Rx Networks is the ideal partner to provide raw data streams (eg. NTRIP), reference station observations or in processed data formats (eg. Multicast). Highly accurate GNSS predictions which can be provided in a variety of standard formats such as SP3 or RINEX and help develop, host and deliver A-GNSS data in what ever provider of reference network GNSS data in raw data streams or custom format required for use in custom GNSS solutions.

Versatility and Agility

At Rx Networks our approach to development is to build versatile services which can be adapted easily to new needs.  As such, since 2006 we have built custom integrations for some of the worlds largest companies in the mobile industry space. If you want to build smart location aware wearables, smartphones, drones, cameras or even location aware lego robots, we have the skills and expertise to customize a solution for you. 
We have assisted many customers in integration of P-GNSS assistance data in chipsets and mobile platforms and we have the expertise to support new systems and requirements.  Assistance can range from training to development through integration and validation, at our premises in Vancouver, or on-site.

Because of our approach, we can also easily adapt our solution to any existing 3rd party API, or alternatively provide our own full-featured and easy to integrate API.

Please contact us with any of your GNSS needs. We would be happy to help.

Location Platform Hosting Services / Dedicated Servers

Customer Deviceor ServerRx Networks Data CentreManaged Servers(Hosted)

Cloud computing and increased bandwidth has enabled even faster technology advancements.  This also means businesses have to properly allocate resources. Rx Networks can help reduce the need for additional staff and network support.  By having Rx Networks host, operate and monitor a company's location services, we are enabling customers to focus on what they are good at while still being supported by a carrier grade infrastructure and 99.999% SLA.


For those who want secure and completely independent solutions Rx Networks can enable dedicated solutions.  Contact Sales for details on interfaces and what can be provided as dedicated services.


Custom Dashboards


The number of constellations and satellites continues to grow and this adds complexity into the management and troubleshooting of GNSS services.  Rx Networks has a variety of custom dashboards enhancing customers’ ability to monitor and debug their systems. Data can also be received via custom APIs. For more information please contact Rx Networks Sales. 


Dashboard Example

Rectangle 2

Custom Dashboards

Find out about our innovative custom solutions to fit your business needs.