Real-time GNSS


The Location.io Real-Time GNSS service is a real-time data stream that provides GNSS information over an HTTP or FTP transport protocol. This service can easily be customized to deliver a specific mix of assistance data elements based on customer requests, geographical coverage and subscription licensing requirements.

Assistance data elements are provided in a format closely modeled after the 3GPP RRLP or LPP specifications in order to facilitate integration at the partner’s A-GNSS chip/firmware interface.

For those clients who require Real-Time GNSS Ephemeris directly to the devices, we have an easy to integrate Mobile Suite Library which handles all the requesting and processing of the Ephemeris data for injection into the GNSS chipsets.


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    We work closely with leading network infrastructure vendors, chipset manufacturers and device OEMs. We ensure full interoperability with all Assisted-GNSS server platforms. 

    We can easily adapt our solution to any existing 3rd party API, or alternatively provide our own full featured and easy to integrate API. For legacy systems, assistance data is also available in industry standard RINEX file formats.

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    We designed our location.io reference network with carrier grade resiliency to provide 99.999% SLA with performance incentives so it can be relied upon for emergency services such as E-911 and any critical-type Location-Based Service.

    Click here for an in-depth description of our global network.

Predicted GNSS


Time To First Fix (TTFF)

  • Unassisted-GNSS
    45 sec or more
  • Real-Time Assisted-GNSS
    3-8 sec
  • Location.io P-GNSS
    2-4 sec

Are you concerned about location accuracy, data traffic or device performance?  Then you need a highly configurable Predicted GNSS solution.  Location.io predicted GNSS ephemeris service is a solution designed to substantially enhance the satellite acquisition performance of virtually any GNSS positioning engine, whether a chipset or next-generation software-GNSS. 

We accomplish this by generating extended ephemeris data on the device with a patented approach that supports multiple constellations. GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS data can be injected into the GNSS chipset, thereby avoiding latency issues and higher bandwidth usage inherent in real-time Assisted-GNSS. The net result is improved acquisition time and GNSS sensitivity.


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    Having been deployed on 200 million devices, location.io Predicted GNSS ephemeris service has been proven to work on any mainstream mobile operating system as well as proprietary embedded platforms, and can seamlessly adjust its performance if the device has full, occasional, or no network access.

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    Reduce/eliminate the dependency on network-based servers for Extended Ephemeris. 
    Extended Ephemeris is all about being able to predict the future positions of satellites for days, even weeks into the future. Traditional approaches carry out these predictions on servers and large files (80-100 kB per GNSS per week) must be downloaded by devices. We patented a unique and innovative way to perform these predictions on the mobile device. This requires about 4 kB per GNSS constellation per week when connected. It also runs autonomously when not connected (e.g. roaming) and yields a consistent user location experience across all use case scenarios.

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    By implementing industry standard interfaces, we are able to work closely with leading chipset vendors, including Intel/ST-Ericsson, Intel/Infineon, Marvell, ST Microelectronics and Texas Instruments, to ensure full interoperability and uniform implementation with multiple chipsets and operating systems such as Linux, Android, Windows Phone, eCos or custom solutions.

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    The Location.io predicted GNSS ephemeris service is built on top of our global reference network and also comes with carrier grade 99.999% SLA.


Location.io Lite - GNSS Ephemeris for IoT


The IoT market is an extremely diverse market, with always connected devices to devices that only connect on very in-frequent basis.  In a large percentage of use cases, these devices need location.  But how to assist devices with such varied requirements.  By taking advantage of our extensive experience in API and service development, Rx Networks is developing an API specific to support these IoT devices and their unique requirements.

Real-Time GNSS Ephemeris Lite

With our initial release of IoT support in Location.io Rx Networks enable Real-Time GNSS Ephemeris with smaller data packages and custom filtered data.  All this info is filtered and updated based on coarse position or cell ID positioning.  This enables IoT devices to get the Real-Time GNSS data required only for the current location on the globe and not any unnecessary.

Predicted GNSS Ephemeris Lite

Coming in early 2020 is the next evolution of the IoT solution.  Predicted GNSS Ephemeris, a version of P-GNSS Ephemeris which will enable device to quickly generate Extended Ephemeris data for up to 30 days into the future.


Prediction Duration

  • P-GNSS
    3-5 days
  • 14 days
  • P-GNSS Lite
    28 days

Our patented lightweight software client enables the smallest of devices to generate their own GNSS assistance data. This solution closely approximates the information typically received via satellite for the device to calculate its position and provides ephemeris for up to 28 days. P-GNSS Lite speeds time-to-fix, just like regular P-GNSS, and is optimized for low-power, low-bandwidth, low-memory chipsets.

WIFI + Cell ID


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WI-FI & Cell-ID Positioning

Coarse position is a key to accelerating GNSS positioning, and Location.io has that covered. Location.io incorporates advanced Wi-Fi & cell-ID positioning capabilities, based on more than 175M global Cell-IDs and nearly 4.2B Wi-Fi access point locations, to accurately determine a device’s position to help even further in accelerating GNSS positioning. The database is dynamically populated and updated by client devices using the service to ensure long-term adaptability and accuracy.


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    The Location.io Wi-Fi & cell-ID positioning service uses a simple and well documented interface over HTTP for fast and easy integration. Simply hit the server with a list of cell towers or Wi-Fi access points within range to get an estimated position. Because it is both OS and operator independent, this service is particularly well suited for direct integration by chipsets vendors, network location server vendors, M2M (Machine-to-Machine) device vendors, and service providers.

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