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Rx Networks Announces location.io

September 16, 2015

ION GNSS+ 2015

Rx Networks Inc., a leading mobile location technology and services company, today announced the launch of location.io, a feature-rich, highly modular location platform. location.io enables advanced, seamless indoor and outdoor positioning whether for mass market consumer devices, IoT devices, or specialized, high-accuracy applications.

This new platform consolidates products and services previously branded GPStream and XYBRID. location.io offers real-time & predicted GNSS assistance, GNSS long-term orbits & clocks, Wi-Fi & Cell-ID positioning, absolute height using compensated barometric pressure, and an ultra-sensitive hosted GNSS service.

“Positioning and assistance are no longer different problems to be solved by different solutions,” said John Carley, Sr. Product Manager at Rx Networks. “People expect the same location performance whether they are outdoors or in challenging indoors locations such as an underground parkade or office tower. location.io provides a full complement of integrated positioning and assistance solutions under one consistent and easy to integrate service platform.”

location.io includes technologies already in use by over 1 billion smartphones, laptops, and wearables worldwide. Specific components are:

  • Real-time assistance. Previously known as GPStream GRN™, location.io’s real-time assistance service supports all popular location servers such as Ericsson, TCS, NSN, ZTE, and Qualcomm. The service is also available in RINEX format or over HTTP for ease of integration. The underlying global reference network, owned and operated by Rx Networks, is highly redundant and supports five constellations: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS.
  • Predicted GNSS assistance. Previously known as GPStream PGPS™, the predicted service provides seed data that enables client devices such as smartphones, laptops, and wearables to generate up to 14 days of extended ephemeris for fast and sensitive GNSS fixes. BeiDou and Galileo have been added to GPS and GLONASS and are currently available for chipset integration. Full quad constellation support will be available by December 31st.
  • GNSS long term orbits and clocks. New to the location.io offering are high accuracy orbital and clock predictions, generated from data observed by Rx Networks’ global reference network. The service supports five constellations: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and, in early 2016, QZSS.
  • Wi-Fi & Cell-ID positioning. For indoor positioning and as a complement to the other location.io services, the Wi-Fi & Cell-ID positioning service is backed up by a database of over 600 million Wi-Fi access points and over 60 million cellular IDs. For customers with a GNSS chip, the service can be paired with either the real-time or predicted GNSS assistance for consistent performance indoors and out.
  • Absolute height. With the increasing number of barometric pressure sensors included in smartphones and IoT devices, the absolute height service provides both sensor calibration and uses compensated barometric pressure to determine absolute height above ground level. This can help refine GNSS fixes and, most importantly, can determine the correct floor level for emergency calls.
  • Ultra-sensitive GNSS receiver. This location.io service consists of highly specialized GNSS receiver algorithms deployed in powerful, cloud-based servers, The service enables IoT devices such as routers, small cells, and Bluetooth beacons to self-locate. These infrastructure devices only need to receive an occasional GNSS signal and relay it to the cloud service. Over time, the integration of multiple signal captures allows the accurate determination of a device’s location even when located deep indoors. The service is currently being tested by a major US mobile operator to help determine the location of small cells and home phone units. Initial results are approaching 100% success in locating such devices, a significant improvement over previous GNSS methods.

All location.io services are delivered from Rx Networks’ geo-redundant and cloud based service delivery network, ensuring a 99.999% service level availability.

For more information, please contact sales.rxnetworks.com, visit the Rx Networks booth at ION GNSS+ 2015, or visit rxnetworks.com.

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