New Series on GNSS Reference Networks and Location Services Delivery

Drew Davies Points of Interest, Service Delivery

About the Author

Drew Davies

Drew is the Executive Director of Operations at Rx Networks and is responsible for the well-being of our service delivery infrastructure and the peace of mind of our customers and partners.

This month, I’m introducing a new series of upcoming posts focused on the underlying, often hidden infrastructure required to support Location-Based services. Over the coming months, the series will explore topics ranging from GNSS reference network planning, deployment and operations to the service delivery architecture required to meet 99.999% service level agreements and billions of transactions per week.

Here’s an outline of what’s to come.

Rx Networks’ Global Reference Network (GRN)

  • What is a global reference network?
  • Why develop a global reference network?
    • What purpose does it serve?
    • What inherent and derived value does it provide?
  • Products and applications

Reference Site Design & Deployment

  • High availability architecture
    • Industrial grade, standards based components
    • Trusted vendors, component availability
    • Balancing component diversity with service consistency
    • The iterative evolution of equipment
  • Global distribution
    • Site selection process
    • Political stability, power reliability, network availability
    • 360 degree views of the horizon, free from interference
    • Language barriers, engaging local trades, contract negotiation
    • Overlapping coverage zones, layers of redundancy, maximizing satellite visibility
    • Maintenance and future growth
  • Scalability and speed of integration
    • Future proofing for addition of new constellations

Reference Network Backed Products & Services

  • From raw data to Location as a Service (LaaS)
    • NAVSTAR (GPS), GLONASS (GLO), BeiDou (BDS), Galileo
    • Raw (ephemerides, almanac, clock), RINEX, SP3, NANU/NAGU
      • Future constellations and augmentation systems
  • Products
    • GRN-HTTP & associated flavours
    • Predictive Global Positioning Service (PGPS)
    • Third-party hosted services
  • Customers & Applications
    • Enabling location dependent applications
    • Highlighting the reach of Rx Networks and how we’re empowering great positioning

Service Delivery

  • Maintaining a 99.999% SLA
    • Multiple data centers and distribution points
    • No single points of failure
  • Traditional colocation vs. cloud based infrastructure
  • Monitoring & alerting
    • Escalation procedures
  • Metrics and data visualization
    • Reference station visibility
    • Logstash/Kibana & Hadoop