Empower Your Location Services

We are a mobile positioning technology company. Strangely, it’s often easier to first say what we don’t do: we don’t do hardware, GPS or sensor chips; we don’t do mobile apps and we don’t do maps either. Yet, we empower all those who do! Intrigued? Think of it this way: whenever you use a mobile application that relies on location, whether posting to your favorite social media site or calling 911, our location.io platform works behind the scenes to give the location chips in your device a performance boost so your application gets that all important position. Quickly. And wherever you may be.

Outdoor. Indoor. In 3D.

location.io is the industry’s most comprehensive and compatible location services enabling platform. It optimally combines satellite, Wi-Fi, cellular and sensor signals to help devices and networks quickly and accurately resolve mobile positions. With 10 years of development and proven deployment, location.io offers a modular framework of cloud-based services and client libraries for seamless, easy integration with any location technology vendor’s chips and servers.

For outdoor applications, location.io supports all flavours of GNSS assistance – GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou & Galileo – designed to boost the performance of any GNSS-equipped device.

For indoor performance, location.io includes global databases of Wi-Fi & cell towers locations, advanced hybrid positioning algorithms. And for those high accuracy needs, we have all the correction data you need to accurately position anything.

When location just has to work

We work with the moguls of the mobile industry: semiconductor vendors, device OEMs, network equipment vendors and mobile operators. They choose us because we help them render amazing location-based services, whatever those may be: E-911, navigation, geo-analytics or asset tracking, just to name a few.

And they choose us because they know we’re fanatical about reliability. Everything we do is designed for, and backed with our 99.999%, carrier-grade Service Level Availability guarantee.

Proven in 1 Billion Devices

Since 2006, the world’s leading semiconductor vendors, device manufacturers and network operators quietly rely on us to empower their location needs.