Rx Networks offers meter-level location accuracy for mobile phones in collaboration with Qualcomm in China and across the Globe

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Rx Networks offers meter-level location accuracy for mobile phones in collaboration with Qualcomm in China and across the Globe

October 18, 2022

Vancouver, BC, Canada – October 2022 – Rx Networks TruePoint.io today announced its high precision solution can be integrated with Snapdragon® mobile platforms to enable precise positioning on smartphones.

Rx Networks, Inc, the world leader in GNSS data services, today announced the availability of TruePoint.io precise location services on Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Snapdragon 888 5G Mobile Platforms. TruePoint.io integration empowers Android smartphones to achieve enhanced location accuracy down to a meter or less – something only previously seen with high grade receivers. 

Superior user experience for use cases like Rideshare, Micro-mobility, Health and Fitness and lane-level requirement applications can now be realized with enhanced location accuracy. The enablement of reliable meter-level location accuracy on mobile phones will unlock the potential of Location Based Services and open the door for other innovative and unique use cases.  The limitations of a standalone GNSS chipset no longer become the barrier to pursuing the vision of connected ecosystems reliant on location. 

TruePoint.io enables scalable, reliable, and an affordable way to leverage high precision location on smartphones powered by Snapdragon mobile platforms.  Rx Networks global coverage, including China, gives Smartphone OEM’s the advantage of a single GNSS corrections vendor that works across all continents.

“Over the past decade Rx Networks delivered reliable assistance data to billions of devices globally with 99.999% SLA.  By Leveraging our proven data delivery expertise and infrastructure, TruePoint.io is well positioned to lead the enablement of precise positioning to the mass market,” said John Carley, VP of Sales and Marketing at Rx Networks. 

“Rx Networks provision of GNSS data services for accurately positioning smartphones using Snapdragon mobile platforms will enable meter-level location accuracy almost everywhere smartphones can connect to a terrestrial cellular network,” said Francesco Grilli, Vice President, Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Meter-level location accuracy is poised to improve smartphone user experiences and spur the creation of exciting and innovative services for businesses and consumers.”

TruePoint.io is scheduled to be available on Snapdragon mobile platforms initially in China in Q4 2022 and globally in H1 2023.

Location. Enlightened. 
Rx Networks provides reliable, timely, and relevant location information that strengthens the connection between people, devices, and businesses by improving the GNSS experience and creating enhanced opportunities for next-generation products and services. 
About Rx Networks Inc. 
Rx Networks is a mass-market mobile positioning technology company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Since 2006, leading semiconductor vendors, device manufacturers and network operators have quietly relied on for their real-time and predicted processing of GNSS, Wi-Fi, cellular, and sensor data for their location needs. Billions of devices benefit from Rx Networks GNSS data services every day. 

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