Rx Networks Works with Infineon on Assisted-GPS Solutions

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Rx Networks Works with Infineon on Assisted-GPS Solutions

February 16, 2009

Rx Networks, Inc., today announced that it has worked with Infineon to optimize its GPStream™ solutions to work with Infineon’s GPS chipset technology. GPStream™ Mobile Suite reduces GPS start up times of mobile devices and improves GPS reception under marginal signal conditions. GPStream™ Mobile Suite is a set of A-GPS solutions supporting: compliance with mobile operator standards; operation over virtually any network connection independent of the mobile operator if needed; and an autonomous operating mode that works outside of network coverage.

“Our next generation GPS solution XPOSYS™ is mainly optimized for cellular phones with navigation features. This requires a very fast Time-To-First-Fix (TTFF) even under bad signal conditions to deliver the best user experience. Rx Networks’ GPStreamTM technology definitely delivers the required user experience”, says Horst Pratsch, Vice President Marketing for Mobile Phone Platforms for the Wireless Solutions Division at Infineon.  "The sensitivity of our chipset has been increased from -160dBm to -165dBm, thus shifted to a new level in positioning. The reduced GPS start up time, enabled by Rx Networks’ technology is another important step for us to offer best in class A-GPS solutions."

“In addition to fast time to first fix, small form factor, and low power consumption, Infineon’s new XPOSYS™ platform has impressive receiver sensitivity especially during assisted cold start.” said Guylain Roy-MacHabée, President and CEO of Rx Networks. “This improves GPS availability and the user experience in challenging environments like urban canyons.”
By combining the extended ephemeris components of GPStream Mobile Suite, namely GPStream™ PGPS™ and GPStream™ SAGPS™ with Infineon’s own SUPL 1.0 client, customers using Infineon’s GPS technology in new mobile handsets and Mobile Internet Devices now benefit from the most powerful and flexible portfolio of A-GPS assistance options.

The mobile client assistance solutions include:

  • SUPL 1.0: mobile network standards-compliant client software developed by Infineon for real time assistance.
  • GPStream™ PGPS™: extended ephemeris solution that complements and enhances SUPL 1.0 performance. It enables the fastest possible TTFF by eliminating the need for real time assistance network transactions. The solution requires very small 2Kbyte weekly downloads that are up 90% smaller than competitive extended ephemeris solutions. The payload can be delivered over virtually any connection including the internet and even SMS or WAP.
  • GPStream™ SAGPS™: extended ephemeris that does not require any network connectivity at all. Originally targeting personal navigation devices, the solution has also found use in emerging markets where consumers like advanced handset products but are sensitive to recurring network service fees and roaming charges.

Rx Networks also provides optional data services, including:

  • SUPL LE (Light Edition): A SUPL 1.0 data service hosted by Rx Networks over its existing carrier-grade, 99.999% service infrastructure. The service supports SET initiated requests for assistance and targets small enterprises or acts as an alternative service for operators that have not deployed their own SUPL server yet.

About Rx Networks
Rx Networks is a private, venture funded mobile positioning technology and global services company.  Its GPStream™ framework of GPS acceleration and assistance solutions uniquely reduce GPS wake-up times to mere seconds while improving GPS signal lock in challenging indoor and urban environments. Rx Networks licenses its GPStream solutions to location service providers, GPS semiconductor vendors and mobile device manufacturers to help them deliver a Click’n Go!™ GPS user experience for virtually any location-enabled device.

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