Rx Networks Launches BeiDou Services

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Rx Networks Launches BeiDou Services

February 24, 2013

Mobile World Congress 2014: Booth 7N60

Rx Networks Inc., a leading mobile location technology and services company, today announced that it has completed the upgrade of its GPStream GRN™ (Global Reference Network) to include the BeiDou constellation. A top-tier GNSS semiconductor vendor has already incorporated this new feature so their platform can take advantage of the extra satellites now available in the BeiDou constellation.

Global real-time assistance and high accuracy long-term orbit and clock prediction products are now uniformly available across the GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou constellations. In Q2/2014, BeiDou support will also extend to GPStream PGPS™ - Rx Networks’ popular synthetic A-GNSS software that has been deployed in over 100 million smartphones and personal navigation devices worldwide.

In commercial service since 2006, the GPStream GRN is a collection of 26 highly reliable earthstations deployed in 21 countries. It forms the foundation underneath many of Rx Networks’ products, on which nearly a billion devices rely for their GNSS performance. The network is highly redundant and, combined with a carrier-grade service delivery network, is provided with a 99.999% service level availability (SLA).  A further upgrade, to support the European-run Galileo constellation will be available later this year.

From network operators’ commercial and E-911 location servers to GNSS chipset vendors and device OEMs, the addition of BeiDou means faster and higher availability GNSS location fixes

“The addition of BeiDou to our existing GPStream GRN service meant a complete overhaul of our reference network and service delivery architecture while maintaining the 99.999% SLA we’re well known for,” commented Guylain Roy-MacHabee, CEO of Rx Networks. “As multi-GNSS chipsets come to market, there is commensurate requirement for a uniform, reliable and device-independent assistance data service like our GPStream GRN.”

For more information, please see the Rx Networks booth at Mobile World Congress Booth 7N60 or contact Rx Networks at marketing@rxnetworks.com.


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