Rx Networks Combines Cell-ID, WiFi and Assisted GPS Technology

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Rx Networks Combines Cell-ID, WiFi and Assisted GPS Technology

September 21, 2009

Rx Networks, Inc., a leading mobile location technology company, today announced its new XYBRID™ multi-mode positioning engine. XYBRID™ uniquely combines Cell-ID, WiFi signals with Assisted GPS ephemeris and coarse position aiding to yield fast and ubiquitous positioning for virtually any device.

"As a low-overhead, operator independent Assisted-GPS solution, XYBRID RT™, the first and real-time version of the solution, is optimized for service providers and device manufacturers - such as asset tracking companies - in need of fast global positioning, and for whom the lack of Assisted-GPS roaming or cost variances make it impractical to consider implementations across multiple operators", said Guylain Roy-MacHabee CEO of Rx Networks. "Also, in contrast with other GPS aiding solutions that can potentially expose user identity XYBRID RT™ contains no user identification mechanism and ensures security and privacy for applications that need it, such as tracking high value cargo."

"XYBRID RT™ is a perfect fit for Fastrax offerings and more importantly, for our customers. There is a continuous need to improve fix availability and TTFF in "impossible" environments in almost every asset tracking application. With our XYBRID RT™ based offering we serve our tracking customers as well as our GPS module customers even better than before and we expect this extended service to be greatly appreciated", said Fredrik Borgstrom, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fastrax.

Rx Networks supports flexible business models and XYBRID RT™ can be licensed on a usage or a lifetime subscription basis. Rx Networks provides a XYBRID RT™ mobile client compatible with most mobile operating systems and most GPS chipsets. XYBRID RT™ will be available for commercial use in December 2009.

About Fastrax Ltd.
Fastrax is a leading provider of high performance GPS receivers and GPS antenna modules, Software GPS solutions offering fast time-to-market with minimal costs and easily adjustable features and complete tracking systems. Fastrax Extended Support Services provide expert advice and consulting in GPS application design. For further information, please visithttp://www.fastraxgps.com.

About Rx Networks Inc.
Rx Networks is a private, venture funded mobile positioning technology company. Its GPStream™ framework of GPS acceleration solutions uniquely reduce GPS wake-up times to mere seconds while improving GPS signal lock in challenging indoor and urban environments. Its new XYBRID™ multi-mode positioning engine uniquely combines Cell-ID, WiFi signals with GPS ephemeris and coarse position aiding to yield fast and ubiquitous positioning for virtually any device. Rx Networks licenses its GPStream and XYBRID solutions to location service providers, semiconductor vendors and mobile device manufacturers to help them deliver a Click'n Go!™ mobile location user experience on any mobile device.

Rx Networks enables fast location based services. Anytime. Anywhere. Even Indoors!

Rx Networks Contact Information: 
Dave Cayer, VP Marketing
Telephone: 1.604.699.6163
Email: marketing@rxnetworks.ca
Web: www.rxnetworks.ca/contact.aspx

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