BDStar acquires Rx Networks

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BDStar acquires Rx Networks

June 10, 2019

BDStar announced on August 3 that the Company has bought out Canada-based RX Networks Inc. through its wholly owned subsidiary and the deal was settled, thereby RX Networks Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary indirectly held by BDStar.

As one of the prominent A-GNSS providers, Canada-based RX Networks Inc. has an independent global reference network, a mature operation network and patented core technologies. Its client base covers major international phone chip vendors, mobile phone manufacturers and major telecom operators in North America.

BDStar plans to build up a global cloud platform service system through the buy-out of RX Networks Inc., to drive its business model of Location-based Cloud Service + IC/IP and to provide enterprise, trade and common users with fast and precise positioning services, products and solutions. This acquisition, based on BDStar’s Scale-up, Level-up and Going-Global strategy, marks a breakthrough in the Company’s global expansion.

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