Rx Networks Adds SBAS and QZSS Services

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Rx Networks Adds SBAS and QZSS Services

June 10, 2019

ION GNSS+ 2016, Rx Networks Inc., a leading mobile location technology and services company, today announced test and development access to upcoming SBAS and QZSS services. The addition of QZSS and SBAS to its location.io service platform enables Rx Networks to provide regional correction data and additional satellites for improved positioning accuracy.

The location.io real-time GNSS assistance service includes a new streaming delivery method so customers can easily access SBAS correction data (available for testing). QZSS and SBAS support will be added to location.io’s Real-Time GNSS ephemeris HTTP interface in Q4 of 2016.

Location service providers, GNSS chipset vendors and device OEMs can benefit from the additional corrections and assistance data for better accuracy and higher availability of GNSS location fixes.

“The addition of SBAS and QZSS to location.io marks an exciting step as we expand our services to support high accuracy solutions,” commented John Carley, Director of Product Management, location.io.

With assistance services that span real-time and predicted GNSS ephemeris, ionophseric corrections, and high accuracy long-term orbit and clock predictions, Rx Networks continues to lead the industry. Location.io delivers these services from geo-redundant carrier-grade service delivery networks with a 99.999% service level availability (SLA).

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For more information, please contact sales@rxnetworks.com, visit the Rx Networks booth at ION GNSS+ 2016, or visit rxnetworks.com