New White Paper – Zed, A Precise Indoor Vertical Location Service

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About the Author

John Carley

John is the Product Manager for all GNSS Assistance solutions and Zed, our precise vertical location solution.

This white paper provides an overview of Rx Networks’ Zed™, a global service enabling accurate vertical positioning of devices equipped with barometric pressure sensors. The service consists of a client side application and a global adaptive reference pressure service. This paper outlines the practical benefits of the Zed service along with providing details on the system architecture, client software, and performance specifications. While the practical benefits will be customer specific, this paper outlines a number of typical use cases, such as providing floor level accuracy for indoor navigation, augmentation of Wi-Fi positioning, elevation requirements for device location (e.g. network infrastructure) and emergency response requirements.

For a brief introduction about Zed, follow this link.

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Zed White Paper

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