The US Moves Wireless 911 Requirements Indoors

Adrian Stimpson Industry Views, Points of Interest

The proliferation of GNSS equipped mobile phones has had a profound effect on society’s ability to respond to emergencies. The days of running to the nearest house or payphone to call 911 are now just a historical footnote.  In fact, 80% of 911 calls are now made from mobile phones. Rx Networks is a major player in the wireless 911 …

Rx Networks’ Global Reference Network (GRN) – Part 1

Drew Davies Points of Interest, Service Delivery

The ability to determine one’s location anywhere on Earth is truly a technological marvel of our modern age. It has enabled countless location based services, which have become so pervasive in our daily lives, that the underlying technology is rarely given any thought. So, let’s take a minute to understand the history of global navigation satellite systems, as a basis …

Maximizing Code Portability across Operating Systems and Hardware Platforms

Kinman Lam Coder`s Corner, Points of Interest

One of the core principles of Rx Networks location technologies is the ability to run on any hardware platform and operating system. Products such as our XYBRID RT (cellular and WiFi location lookup service) can be as simple as a HTTP GET request, while our GPStream PGPS A-GNSS solution interfaces with a GNSS chipset, schedules download of new data, generates …


New Series on Location Support Integration when Designing Mobile Devices

Kinman Lam Coder`s Corner, Points of Interest

This month, I’m introducing Coder`s Corner, a new series of articles focused on the challenges and best practices when integrating location support in new mobile devices. Over the coming months, the series will explore topics ranging from GNSS and A-GNSS assistance handling, real-time and autonomous Wi-Fi positioning, sensor integration. The series will also cover tools and special OS aspects, as …


New Series on GNSS Reference Networks and Location Services Delivery

Drew Davies Points of Interest, Service Delivery

This month, I’m introducing a new series of upcoming posts focused on the underlying, often hidden infrastructure required to support Location-Based services. Over the coming months, the series will explore topics ranging from GNSS reference network planning, deployment and operations to the service delivery architecture required to meet 99.999% service level agreements and billions of transactions per week. Here’s an …


New White Paper – Zed, A Precise Indoor Vertical Location Service

John Carley Points of Interest, Product News

This white paper provides an overview of Rx Networks’ Zed™, a global service enabling accurate vertical positioning of devices equipped with barometric pressure sensors. The service consists of a client side application and a global adaptive reference pressure service. This paper outlines the practical benefits of the Zed service along with providing details on the system architecture, client software, and …