New Series on Location Support Integration when Designing Mobile Devices

Kinman Lam Coder`s Corner, Points of Interest

About the Author

Kinman Lam

Kinman is our Field Application Engineering Manager. He's responsible to help our device OEM and chipset partners successfully integrate the best possible location solution in their devices.

This month, I’m introducing Coder`s Corner, a new series of articles focused on the challenges and best practices when integrating location support in new mobile devices. Over the coming months, the series will explore topics ranging from GNSS and A-GNSS assistance handling, real-time and autonomous Wi-Fi positioning, sensor integration. The series will also cover tools and special OS aspects, as well as best practices for the smooth integration of multiple positioning technologies under the hood of modern mobile devices.

With a focus on location, I’ll share insights and tips along the following key principles:

  • How to write portable code that just works: How to support Windows, Linux, Android, QNX and other OSes. Tools and IDE.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel: How to take advantage of a modern OS’ Abstraction Layer and Modular Coding support.
  • Making it easy for the client: How to set up and exploit Frameworks and Reusable Code, for example, when working with RINEX data.
  • Evolution of Languages: Comparing C, C++ and Java, exploring their relative benefits and optimal fit in mobile and embedded systems.