Wi-Fi & cell-id positioning

Previously marketed as XYBRID RT™ and XYBRID Synchro™, the location.io Wi-Fi & cell-ID positioning service can determine a device’s position based on a list of submitted Cell-ID/Wi-Fi access points. 

rt_servers_350hThe service maintains an extensive global almanac of over 175M Cell-ID and nearly 3.3B Wi-Fi access point locations with urban accuracy performance down to 10 meters. The database is dynamically populated and updated by client devices using the service. This cost effective approach ensures that the database is self-learning and self-adapting to any wireless network changes.

Features & Benefits


Easy to Integrate Real-Time Mode

The location.io Wi-Fi & cell-ID positioning service uses a simple and well documented interface over HTTP for fast and easy integration. Simply hit the server with a list of cell towers or Wi-Fi access points being heard to get an estimated position and accuracy. Because it is both OS and operator independant, this service is particularily well suited for direct integration by chipsets vendors, network location server vendors and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) device vendors and service providers.

Innovative Offline Mode

The location.io Wi-Fi & cell-ID positioning service also works offline by incorporating a client library that provides Wi-Fi and Cell-ID positioning without requiring a currently active network connection. The client device opportunistically downloads optimized datasets called “Regions” when a data connection is available. The location.io client library can then serve position requests when disconnected from the network.  This approach ensures that the most accurate information is available without impacting battery life or incurring the power and latency overhead of multiple network requests.  The location.io‘s offline mode Regions are tailored to best suit a user’s general location, such as a city or metropolitan area.