a location services enabling platform

exploded-cube-(1000w)location.io is a comprehensive location services enabling platform providing GNSS assistance data and location services for every need. location.io optimally combines satellite, Wi-Fi, cellular and sensor signals to help devices and networks quickly and accurately resolve mobile positions. Our patented solutions include embedded software and cloud-based services designed to easily integrate with any location technology vendor’s chips and servers.

For outdoor applications, these include all flavours of GNSS assistance – GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou & Galileo – designed to boost the performance of any GNSS-equipped device. For indoor performance, these include global databases of Wi-Fi & cell towers locations, advanced hybrid positioning algorithms and real-time barometric reference for floor-level detection. And for those über-challenging indoor situations, we’ve designed a cloud-based service that can position anything virtually anywhere.

Since 2006, the world’s leading semiconductor vendors, device manufacturers and network operators quietly rely on Rx Networks to empower their location needs. And they choose location.io because they know we’re fanatical about reliability. Everything we do is designed for, and backed with our 99.999%, carrier-grade Service Level Availability guarantee.